Monday, December 30, 2013

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a game made by CAPCOM in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. It is one of many, including another series (titled Miles Edgeworth: Investigations & a side game titled Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Those two are for another time and maybe also another blog. Remember... I have four and three of them are for rating video games). Anyways... Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a game where you play as a defense attorney named Phoenix Wright (hence the name). The point of the entire game is to get your clients a NOT GUILTY verdict. This game has five cases to do that (Nintendo DS Remake Only. The GBA version, which was Japan Only only had four).

FUN: I say that the Phoenix Wright series never fails to get players into their games. The music is catchy, the story (which is later and only in a summary... too many spoilers... sorry) is fantastic, and the character are just funny. FUN - 2.

REPLAY: Sure the Phoenix Wright series never truly has any replay value... However, many players such as myself and others I know and read say that they always love playing it again. REPLAY - 1.

STORY: Now the story is not really one whole story. It five stories due to five cases. Each case has its own story. Now due to too many spoilers... I can't say them (I know... sorry again). But they are fantastic. You have to play them yourself to find out. Sorry! STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: The whole game is an original idea. END OF STORY. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 2.

DIFFICULTY: The game has a nice balance of hard and easy parts. But mostly, you have to use your brain for this. You can't half-think in this game. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 9.

There you have it! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in all that I can tell ya due to SPOILERS!!! AHHHH!!! Lol... anyways, that's it for this rating. Until next time! Benjamin P. Parker aka The Nintendo Rater.