Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Persona 4 Golden for the Playstation Vita

Persona 4 Golden was release for the Playstation Vita by ATLUS on Nov. 20th, 2012. It was a remake as well as a add on to the original story of Persona 4 for the Playstation 2 that was released on Dec. 8th, 2008. Since Persona 4 is in the Book, "1,001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die" I'm going to count and add this review onto this blog in it's place.

FUN: Just like other Persona games, they can really suck you into the game. The dialogue, the gameplay, even the story is fantastic. However, just like the other persona games in it's series, you need a lot of time to kill because these games take a very long time to beat due to how long the story and gameplay is. The great thing is, that no matter how long it is, the game does not get boring. Instead, it makes you lose your track of time by pulling you in on how great the game is. FUN - 1.5

REPLAY: There isn't much replay value for this game. There is a New Game + feature for the game which allow you to carry over; Previous Play Time,
Amount of Yen you have, Persona Compendium List, Amount of persona slots, Key items from Max Social Link Events, Status Parameters (Eg. Courage, Knowledge, Etc), Costumes, Daidara Shopping List, & Skill Cards. However the story stays the same as well as the progression of the game. You can't speed run the game or anything like that. It's get a way to allow you to try for 100% Completion. REPLAY - 1.

STORY: Since this game is heavy story based. I'm only going to make this a brief section for no spoilers. Pretty much you play as Yu Narukami (or any other name you name him, but Yu Narukami is his default name). You get transferred to a county town for a year to live with your uncle while your parents are away due to work. There you witness two things; a murder and a rumor that is true called the Midnight Channel. After a bit, you find out the those two things seem to be connected and it up to you and your new friends to solve the case. STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: Like I said before, this is a Remake of Persona 4 with an add on to the story. I won't go much into the add on of the story, but to just say that it does involve a new social link that is also the 1st gold persona card social link. It involves the new character that you meet at the very beginning of the game named, Marie. You will need to Max out her Social Link before a certain time in the game to continue onto the Persona 4 Golden true ending and not ending on the Persona 4 ending. Besides these two connected add ons, nothing is new. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 0.5.

DIFFICULTY: This game starts you off with 4 different difficulty modes, one more than the other Persona games in the series. However, it for players who care more about the story and not the battles. The other 3 difficulties are the usual easy, normal, and hard modes of any game. So this game is very well balanced as well as great for any 1st time Persona players due to the difficulty below easy. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 7.

There you have it. Persona 4 Golden in a nut shell. This game is actually the 1st Persona game I ever beaten as well as the one who has the most side games such as Arena and soon to be Dancing All Night. But those are for another day and another blog. Until next time, this has been Benjamin P. Parker aka Nostalgic Gamer 89. Keep on gaming until then!