Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil was released for the PC, Gamecube, Playstation 2, and XBOX in the year 2003. Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 re-released the game as a HD version years later. Beyond Good & Evil was made by our good friends from Unisoft and Michel Ancel, the creator of the game Rayman.

FUN: Beyond Good & Evil is entertaining from beginning to end. Even though most of the game involves sneaking from room to room with a few one-hit kill lasers, there are ways to get through each area without much sneaking. Each area has a small place where you can hide when you are caught by the guard's line of vision or just trying to get a stealth attack. Driving the hovercraft is a blast and so is listening to the dialog. All voiced. FUN - 2

REPLAY: Similar to the Zelda Series and many others... no reply value. REPLAY - 0.

STORY: Jade, a green lipstick wearer, is a journalist in a city called, Hyllis. Lately, aliens called DomZ have been attacking the city like crazy with no signs of letting up. The Alpha Sections should be doing something, but it seems people are going missing when the Alpha Sections arrive to help. After an attack on the lighthouse where Jade lives and takes care of the orphans, Jade gets a mission as a test to become a reporter for the IRIS Network. With her camera in hand and her pig friend name Pey'j (Uncle Pey'j to her), Jade tries to figure out the truth behind the DomZ and the Alpha Sections. STORY - 2.

DIFFENCE/ORIGINAL: Beyond Good & Evil is one of the few unique games that not many players know about. The fact that most of the game is sneaking around and taking pictures of proof. Unlike the basic stealth games (Like Metal Gear Solid and the Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker), you don't have to really sneak. I figured out a loophole and killed a guard or more, ran and hid, and repeated the process. Once all the guards are dead and gone, nothing can alert the systems to bring more guards (If they were that smart. The guards go back to their posts even after they just saw their partner get killed by you) and to activate the one-hit kill lasers. Another original idea was the fact that you get paid to take pictures of each type of species and each time you finish a roll of film, you get a pearl which is needed for the Black Market that sells you hovercraft parts. DIFFENCE/ORIGINAL - 2.

DIFFICULTY: This game is not all that difficult. There are parts in the game where you are bombarded by a ton of enemies in a small space. There are also parts in the game where you have to think of a strategy instead of going head on into the area. But, like I said before, even the most novice sneakers (Which I am) can get through this game with little to no problems. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 8.

There you go. Great score for a game that was not well known during its time. Unisoft still is mentioning that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still a working progress, but will be released. Signs are pointing towards the game being a Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 game. However, some people still think that is just a rumor. Until next time... thanks for reading my blog! Nintendo Rater.

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