Monday, January 3, 2011

Chrono Trigger for the SNES

Chrono Trigger Is A Super Nintendo Game Made By Squaresoft. Squaresoft Is The Same Maker As The Final Fantasy. Squaresoft Is Now Known As Square Enix, But It's The Same Company. Chrono Trigger Is Another RPG From The Company.
FUN: In My Opinion, Chrono Trigger Is The Best RPG EVER! Let's Face It... Square Enix Makes Fantasic RPG. The Moves & Reactions That The Characters Have Is Just Funny As All Get Out. Also, Being Able To Travel Through Time Is So Cool! The Music Is Also Pretty Sweet Too. The Battles Are Fun To Play As Well As Watch. I Rate Fun 2.
REPLAY: Chrono Trigger Has A Neat Feature After You Beat The Game Called NEW GAME +. This Feature Allows The Player To Play The Game Again Using The Levels That The Characters Are At When You Beat The Game. Example: Chrono Was At LV 45 When You Beat The Game. Once You Press NEW GAME +, Chrono Starts The Game At LV 45. Along With Playing The Game Over Again With Old Levels, There Are New Feature Scattered Throughout The Game. However, It's Pretty Much The Same Game. I Rate Replay 1.8.
STORY: It All Starts Off With Chrono (Or Any Five Letter Name) Heading Off To The Town Festival In Town Square. When He Gets There, He Runs Into A Girl His Age. She Calls Herself Marle. Both Chrono & Marle Heads Over To Watch Chrono's Friend's Invention In Working Order. The Invention Is A Teleporter Pad. When Marle Offers Her Help & Steps Onto The Pad. However, Marle's Necklace Creates A Worm Hole That Sends Her Into The Past. Chrono Figures That She Was His Duty To Bring Her Back & Jump Into The Worm Hole. I Rate Story 2.
DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: In The Battles, The Enemies Attack When They Are Able To & Every Five To Twenty-Five Seconds. The Main Character Is Named Chrono & Travels Through Time. Get It? Chrono As In Chronology? Chronology Is The Study Of A Series Of Events, Which The Main Character, Chrono, Has To Deal With Through Time. I Rate Difference/Original 1.
DIFFICULTY: This Game Is A Bit Hard, But Not Impossible. Enemies Will Attack You Randomly. It Hard To Stay Alive In A Very Long Game. Well... Only If You Are A Greenhorn (Beginner). Other Than That, It's Not Really Hard. I Rate Difficulty 1.
TOTAL - 7.8
Well... There You Have It. The Nintendo Rater Rates Again! Thank You & Visit Soon.

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