Monday, January 3, 2011

Link's Awakening for the GBC & GB

Zelda: Link's Awakening Is The First Zelda Game For The Game Boy. It Is Made By Nintendo. Not Only Was Link's Awakening For The Game Boy, But Nintendo Remade It For The Game Boy Color As Well. This Game Came Before Zelda's Two Part Games Ages & Seasons, But It Also Came Before Ocarina Of Time For The N64.
FUN: Let's Face It... The Fun Never Ends In This Game. Link's Awakening Was The First Portable Zelda Game Ever Made. It Has Eight Dungeons Each With There Own Keys. Some May Not, But You Have To Go Through A Series Of Events To Get To It. It's Also Fun To Explore The Whole Island. I Rate Fun 2.
REPLAY: Like A Lot Of Zelda Games, There's Little Replay Value In It. You Could Play The Game Again Just To Try & See If You Miss Anything Or Didn't Get Something, But Other Than That, Zilch. I Rate Replay 0.5.
STORY: It All Started When Link Was Traveling On A Sail Boat, Looking For Unknown Lands, When It Started To Storm. This Storm Had Lightning & As The Storm Got Stronger, A Lightning Bolt Struck Our Tunic Wearing Hero's Boat. Link Washes Up Onto A Beach, Where A Beautiful Woman Named Marin Finds Him Unconscious. Throughout The Whole Game, Link Does Not Know Where He Is As He Tries To Find A Way Off. Another Thing Link Doesn't Know Is The Fact That The Might Be Just A Dream. I Rate Story 2.
DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: First Of All, Link's Awakening Started The Whole Game Boy Zelda Series. Along With Started The Portable Zelda Games, This Game Brought Forth The Ocarina & The Red And Blue Tunics. It Also Started The Eight Dungeons For Most Of The Game Boy Zelda Games. The Game Introduced The Shovel As A Tool. The Young Woman, Marin, Only Appears In This Game. Another Key Interest Is The Fact That The Island May Actually Be Just Link's Dream. This Game Is Also The First Or Only Game That Got Remade Into Color. One Last Thing, I Believe Link's Awakening Started The Whole Trading Side Quest. I Rate Difference/Original 2.
DIFFICULTY: This Game Have Both Hard & Easy Parts To Them. First Of All, You Can See Everything On The Screen. Link's Awakening Is Similar To The First Zelda Game Ever Made For The Nintendo System (NES). The Only Time The Screen Moves Is If Link Moves Off Screen To A New Panel. Also The Controls Are Simple. Press A Or B To Use Highlighted Item & Use The D-Pad To Control Movement. Along With Easy Visibility & Easy Handling, The Hard Parts To The Game Is The Solving Of The Puzzles & The Bosses. Okay... So The Boss Fights Aren't That Hard, But they Aren't Easy Either. The Puzzles However Are Somewhat Difficult & Involves You Needing To Use You Brain. I Rate Difficulty 2.
TOTAL - 8.5
Wow! Great Score For Link's Awakening. To Tell You The Truth, This Is The First Zelda Game I Ever Beaten. This Is The Nintendo Rater Signing Off. Thank You & Visit Again!

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