Friday, January 14, 2011

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is for the Playstation 2, XBOX 360 Live game store, and PC. Since the game's release date in 2004, Rockstar sold more than 20 million copies. San Andreas is the biggest-selling Playstation 2 game of the GTA series. In this version, you main character roams three towns: Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco), and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Rockstar is known for it's Grand Theft Auto series. If it's from Rockstar, you know it will have a free roaming game map.

FUN: Like I said before, it's free roaming. That means that you can go anywhere (Well almost anywhere... at least until you progress in the storyline) when you aren't doing missions. You can fool around as long as you want, only certain missions have time limits. Besides wasting time (Don't worry, I do it all the time), there are story missions and sub-missions. Story missions progress the game's plot, while sub-missions unlock special items or abilities (Like outfits and cars or being fireproof). The main part that's fun in all GTA games is the fact that you can kill random people and steal cars, two things you can't do in real life without going to jail or worse. I rate FUN - 2.

REPLAY: Once you complete every mission, unlock everything, and finish gaining every skill, that's it... the only thing you can do now is to fool around with the free roaming. If you like fooling around, then you will have fun. If not... oh well! I rate REPLAY - 1.

STORY: You play as Carl "CJ" Johnson, an African American and a Los Santos native. You have just returned for your mother's funeral after being in Liberty City for five years. Once you arrive, you find crooked, blackmailing cops, strange rivalies and split ups in your family, and your neighborhood falling to gang violence. You decide to stay and help his fellow gang members while finding the truth behind his mother's murder. I rate STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: Not much is different, it's a basic Grand Theft Auto game. Most of the GTA games are similar to each other. What is different is the fact that you main character is an African American. Also different is the map or world. Rockstar kept saying that San Andreas has the biggest world map than any other GTA game. They also said the map is four times bigger than GTA: Vice City. I rate DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 1.

DIFFICULTY: All Grand Theft Auto games are a mix between hard and somewhat easy. The fact that you need to stay alive while staying out of trouble (Wanted Stars) can be quite annoying and frustrating. On top of that, some missions need you to keep you car alive or force a time limit to make you hurry and take risks. I rate DIFFICULTY - 0.8.

TOTAL - 6.8.

Well... there you go. You will be seeing a lot of Grand Theft Auto games in this blog. The book has almost every single one (Or maybe it does...) of the GTA series. Thanks and see you soon.

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