Monday, January 3, 2011

Luigi's Mansion for the GC

Luigi's Mansion Is A Gamecube Game Straight From Nintendo. Luigi Mario Is The Green Younger Brother Of Mario Mario, The Mighty Red Plumber. This Time, It's Luigi's Turn To Raise His Stardom.
FUN: To Begin, It's Fun To Play As The Green Guy. As You Play, Luigi Gets Frighten, Starts Humming, & Sucks Nasty Little Ghosts With A Darn Vacuum Cleaner. Yeh, It's Pretty Sweet. When You Get Further Into The Game, Your Vacuum Gains Super Powers After You Find The Matching Medals. People With The Faint Heart, Don't Play This Game. Ghosts Randomly Appear In The Rooms. I Rate Fun 1.5.
REPLAY: After You Beat The Game, A New Mansion, Called Hidden Mansion, Appears As One Of The Choices. The Hidden Mansion Is Built Differently & It's A Bit Harder. I Rate Replay 0.5.
STORY: It All Started When Luigi Got A Letter Telling Him That He Won A Mansion. Luigi Tells Mario To Meet Him There To Check Out The New Mansion. However, When Luigi Arrived A Little Bit Late, He Could Not Find Any Trace Of His Older Brother. As It Became A Dark & Stormy Night, Luigi Slowly Walks Up The Steps Of The Mansion & Enters, In Search Of His Lost Bro. I Rate Story 1.
DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: Let Me Spell It Out To You... L-u-i-g-i Is The S-t-a-r! There Are Not Many Game With The Green Guy As Number One. I Mean... There's Two Versions Of Mario Is Missing, One For Nintendo (NES) & Another For Super Nintendo (SNES), But That's For Another Time. Another Difference Is That Your Tool Is A Hot Red Vacuum Cleaner. Along With Sucking Power, The Vacuum Can Blow Fire, Ice, & Water From The Hose. I Rate Difference/Original 2.
DIFFICULTY: Luigi's Mansion Is Somewhat Easy As Well As Simple. All You Have To Do Is Point & Suck. While Sucking Just Move The Control Stick In The Direction Of Where The Ghost Is Going. Another Tip, Don't Get Hit. The More You Suck, The More Your Health Doesn't Go Down & You Stay Alive. I Rate Differculty 1.5.
TOTAL - 6.5
Here You Go People! Luigi's Mansion From The Nintendo Rater. Thank You & Visit Soon!

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